ponedeljek, 30. januar 2012

Mustache Brothers

The Mustache Brothers are a family troupe of 13 comedians, dancers and musicians. Mr. Par Par Lay and his brother U Lu Maw, 62, favor handelbar mustaches, are the source of their group's name. They were used to travel from village to village, perfoming at weddings, funerals and festivals. Not any more... 

Three brothers are confined to performing the show at home. They have retained some of the show's original satirical criticism of the regime but are limited by language (English) and a foreign audience.

"Don't you have dentist in Myanmar?" we asked.
"Oh, yes, we do," Mr. Par Par Lay said. "But in Myanmar, we are not allowed to open our mouths."

"Come to Burma, but don't steal," says the slim and jovial Lu Maw, pausing the punch line: "The government don't like competiton!"

"Yes, we are afraid. But we keep on going. We just joke. This is our job, our family tradition."

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